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Airbus and Dragon Europe to provide search and rescue services in the UK – Space News

Airbus Dragon has partnered with Europe to address the UK Coast Guard (MCA)’s need for second-generation search and rescue (UKSR 2G) service.

Airbus and Dragon Provide UK-based partnerships Demonstrating a long history of providing important search and rescue services around the world, the spirit of technological advancement and innovation is combined with a strong financial downturn.

With Dragon’s extensive operating experience, Airbus’ service as world leader in space is a combination of proven SAR product and support capabilities. Important airline service provider for the UK government And will allow customers worldwide to deliver a comprehensive next-generation upgrade to MCA’s current SAR service, while ensuring a consistent continuation of its life – saving activities, Airbus said.

Together, Airbus & Dragon will provide a complete system solution for uninterrupted deployment of advanced helicopters, Fixed-wing and unmanned aircraft are supported by a wide range of integrated mission-complex technologies that enable timely and timely SAR response.

Together, Airbus and Dragon Europe employ more than 12,000 experts There are more than 110,000 jobs in some of the most talented aerospace companies in the UK and around 2,500 supplier companies across the country.

Colin James, Managing Director, Airbus Helicopters UK, says, “We have great respect for the long history, traditions and dedicated staff of today’s MCA SAR operations. With Dragon we are fully focused on this opportunity Providing next generation SAR service Implements our innovative technologies and practices in conjunction with our advanced and proven high performance aircraft ”.

For his part, Paul Armstrong, CEO of Dragon Europe, commented, “Our companies’ complementary capabilities combine well with our extensive integrated experience, innovation and decades of experience in the construction, operation and support of SAR helicopters and standard wing aircraft. Special assignments allow us to provide a mandatory SAR2G plan for the MCA. Through Airbus we provide a service that offers resistance and good value for money, But most importantly, it is a service that always responds to emergencies when needed. ”

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