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Deadly disease discovered in South Sudan: 'No need to worry'

Deadly disease discovered in South Sudan: ‘No need to worry’

So far, 97 people have died of the unknown disease in Fengak, Jonglei State in the northern part of the country. They are mainly the elderly and children 1-14 years old who have contracted the disease. Symptoms include cough, diarrhea, fever, headache, and chest pain, reports News letters.

This type of outbreak occurs from time to time, especially in poor countries in Africa, says Professor Anders Björkmann during an interview with Ecot.

The professor further explains that external conditions, such as frequent floods, make it easier for diseases to thrive and spread in an area. Residents do not have access to enough clean water or proper waste management. Dead goats and dogs are left to rot in the sewage system.

Anders Björkman says it’s not something that should suddenly be expected to be a new Covid pandemic.

The World Health Organization is still silent

According to many media outlets, the WHO has not released much information to the public, which Björkman finds strange.

– It is clear that they took the time to go there and investigate. It was so difficult that they even had to use helicopters to pick up samples of different shapes. But why don’t we be more clear, it’s weird.

He went on to say that this does not have to be a new type of disease, but that since the World Health Organization has not provided more information, it remains unclear. It is known that the World Health Organization initially investigated whether it could be cholera.

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– It was discovered that it was something different, because about a hundred people died in a fairly short time, says Anders Björkmann.