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Gary Oldman spelar huvudrollen i David Finchers film om vad som inspirerade till filmklassikern Citizen Kane.

David Fincher “Munk” – A Love Letter to a Hollywood Past – Culturenet at P1

title: mank
Director: David Fincher
the hands. Jack Fincher
Participants: Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Charles Dance M. Phil.
rank: 4 of 5
the first show: Netflix on 4/12

With Citizen Kane, 24-year-old Orson Welles got his hands on — so he chose to play the lead role, direct the script, produce and write it.

And in hindsight, it went just fine, right?

Kane popularized non-linear storytelling, was a pioneer in a variety of artistic ways and is often considered the best film ever made.

It is interesting that when David Fincher zoomed in on Citizen Kane, he chose Orson Welles and instead focused on the man with whom he shared the script, Herman J Mankievicz.

Gary Oldman plays the lead role As a grouchy, funny, alcoholic screenwriter named Mank. We follow him from a hospital bed as he attempts to piece together the script for Citizen Kane that will both win him an Academy Award, but at the same time manages his career to decline.

The arrogant protagonist of Citizen Kane is based on Mank’s ex-boyfriend, live-media mogul Willam Randolph Hearst.

How the screenwriter got to this ruined destination is seen through a series of flashbacks, just like in Citizen Kane, but here we go back to the bizarre life behind the scenes at a Hollywood factory in the 1930s.

The script is for you Written by Jack Fincher, father of David Fincher, in the ’90s, the clever and funny lines often really fly. Vips, the movie that’s over two hours blown away.

In the beautiful black and white photo, Fincher also takes the opportunity to have a small theater with some Citizen Kane references:

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He turned a snowball squashed on the ground into a bottle rolling off an alcoholic’s hand and instead of Charles Foster Kane entering the focus beside his wife, it was Orson Welles himself who crystallized in a Mank hospital bed.

I’ve always liked Citizen Kane, but it didn’t quite capture my heart. Mank approaches, in a darker and at the same time more lively tone.

When the subtitles are shown, I sit and think, if not David Fincher, just like Orson and Mank, he just won his first Oscar?