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Joe Gardner försöker hitta tillbaka i sin kropp i Pixars "Själen".

Pixar’s ‘Spirit’ Is Best Film of the Year – Kulturnytt at P1

title: Spirit
Director: Pete Docter and Kemp Powers (Co-Director)
Voices: Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham Norton m.fl.
Swedish voices: John Alexander Erickson, Emma Mullen, John Lundvik M Phil.
Type: family movie
can be viewed on: Disney +
rank: 5 of 5

Pixar has found the cure to all the misery of 2020.

The Soul, or Soul as it is called in English, was written and directed by studio star Pete Docter. He has movies like Monsters Inc, Up and Inside Out on his resume.

In the soul we meet Pianist Joe Gardner who never lived the life he dreamed of. He’s a beginner music teacher, rather than becoming a jazz talented person he knows he has inside of him.

Then he suddenly had a big break: a party with the most famous jazz saxophonist in the city. But in his rush of happiness through New York, he falls into a road well and ends up in a life-threatening coma. However, Joe’s soul refuses to walk in the Great Light, before Joe gets his chance to shine on Earth.

Soul Animated Film When it’s at its best. He paints a wonderful “Life After This” where some souls wander into the light, while other new-born souls prepare for their lives on earth. The soul takes questions of the meaning of life very seriously.

It’s easy to see this movie as a sibling to Pete Doctor’s Inside Out.

As it is there, the soul invents a series of ingenious explanations for what makes us human, but after all, it is still the gist of the story that I will carry with me.

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morals of the soul Also arriving at the end of 2020: Live your life and appreciate what you have while you’re here.

I cried after only ten minutes and followed with astonishment the balance between funny jokes and existential issues.

On Christmas Day, when almost all the other films have been postponed – they barely have time to premiere – the best movie of the year.