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Dangerous creatures will be given new life in the UK

Dangerous creatures will be given new life in the UK

Wild cats and golden eagles are two species that have been largely extinct in Britain for about 200 years. Of the golden eagles, only a small population survives in Scotland, and the number of cats sticking to it is estimated at a small 300 individuals.

The Natural UK Commission is now exploring how to reintroduce these island animals to the British Isles. The move is one in a series to achieve new goals for biodiversity set by the country.

Examples of efforts Recovering areas of wildlife that have been lost for two centuries include restoring the animal’s natural habitat and helping to find new habitats for endangered species.

Efforts are being made not only to reintroduce largely extinct species in the UK, but also to strengthen endangered species such as the myrtle and butterfly black-spotted blooming.

At the presentation of the activities, the British Environment Minister George Eustace expressed his concern over the plight of the country’s wildlife: “Unfortunately, the United Kingdom is one of the poorest countries in the world”. He says to freedom.

Tony Juniper, orförande Nature England says a goal to restore nature will be a powerful new driving force for concerted efforts.

The initiative also has the support of the local natural organization Revolving Britain.

– There has been a massive decline in wildlife in recent decades, making Britain one of the poorest countries in the world. Rebecca Rigley, the organization’s chief executive officer, says the return of high – level animals left for extinction or an uncertain future could play a key role in helping nature regain its foothold.

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