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Megan engaged in horrible comedy - after a bad comment |  Swedish Lady

Megan engaged in horrible comedy – after a bad comment | Swedish Lady

Megan Markle had nothing to do with the broadcast, but her name was dragged into the dirt.

Megan Markle has been the subject of harsh criticism since it became clear that she and Prince Harry were a couple, and newspapers in Britain have shown no mercy to the American Duchess.

Now that she and Harry have begun their new life in their home state of California, the relationship between him and the vast majority of the British population is minimal. In an interview with Opera Winfrey when Megan talked about her experiences it didn’t get any better yet, where she tried to shed light on how she was treated unfairly as long as she was part of the British royal family.

This situation was taken into account when the final of the Eurovision Song Contest took place on Saturday in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Eurovision fever has hit Europe this week, culminating on Saturday night, with Italy finally winning the entire party.

The Swedish audience was led by two real players in the commentary booth, namely Edward of Zillon and Christer Birkman. If there was one country that had a tough time in the competition, it was Great Britain, where Edward had the opportunity to point out when it was time for them to appear in the competition, and Meghan was drawn to the equation.

– England have won this match five times, but now it was a long time ago. Nowadays, Edward of Sillan said during a live broadcast that the British relationship with Eurovision is as hot as it is with Megan Markle.

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He was backed by his pair of horses, Christer Birkman, who could not help but agree.

– Yes, you can analyze why you sit for many hours, but we can summarize this, they did not send good enough songs, he replied.