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Curling has the highest TV viewership – of all sports at the Olympics

Eden’s team won the long-awaited gold medal.

Discovery’s numbers now show that curling also has the highest percentage of TV viewers of all Olympic sports – but no gold champion has been recognized in the deal.

Nobody said anything, says Rasmus and Rano.

In Beijing, Sweden showed itself to be a superpower in the world of curling.

The men’s team, Eden, took the Olympic gold after a very exciting final against Great Britain, and the women’s team, Hasselburg, took the bronze after beating Switzerland.

Even at home in Sweden, it was a hit.

When Discovery has now released its viewership numbers for the Olympics, it turns out that curling was by far the most popular with 40.3 percent of the total viewership.

– It’s really the power of curling. It’s a better TV sport than live sport. Gold champion Rasmus Wrano says: “It’s great to have so many people watching.”

Sweden’s Eden team with Niklas Eden, Christopher Sundgren, Oscar Eriksson, Rasmus, Rano and Daniel Magnuson after the Olympic gold medal.

Many people watched the final match

And 956,000 television viewers watched his big match in the final against Great Britain – much more than his hockey semi-final against the Russians, which was watched by 739,000.

– I obviously felt an increased interest. Nothing else can be said about her. Especially on social media and the like. It’s so much fun and you get proof that we’ve achieved something.

Team Eden got home from Beijing at 4pm yesterday afternoon and it wasn’t until after the Olympic adventure that Wranå calmed down.

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– It was a long trip home, so I didn’t do much. I first had to get the snow out of the car, and then I went shopping.

not known

Do people know you in the store now?

– Haha, no, I don’t know. We are usually only recognized when we put on our draped clothes.

You didn’t even get to be congratulated?

– No, no one said anything.

Tonight, a golden salute awaits in Karlstadt Square for Lag Eden, and tomorrow a golden party in the curling hall.

Then, a few weeks of relaxation pass before the gang goes to Las Vegas in early April for the World Cup.