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German newspaper covers Russian T-shirt ads

German newspaper covers Russian T-shirt ads

The Russian natural gas company Gazprom is a tireless sponsor in the field of sports. In the wake of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, Germany’s newspaper Bild is now taking a stand.

The newspaper wrote that they did not want to watch the Champions League final in May at Gazprom Stadium in St Petersburg and that UEFA would end its cooperation with the company. In addition, the newspaper will not display the Gazprom logo in the newspaper but will cover the advertisement on the shirts of the Schalke 04 team in the German League.

Schalke 04 has been sponsored by Gazprom for many years and during matches players wear the company’s logo on their chest – but no longer in Bild. On Schalke’s T-shirts, readers of Bild newspaper will see, instead of the Gazprom logo, the message “Freedom for Ukraine”.

“The picture has stopped advertising Putin’s shirt for the time being!” The sports director writes Walter Stratten describes the increase as a “strong signal” against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Johnson wants to stop sporting events in Russia

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, on Tuesday, that he wants to impose sanctions on Russia and stop international sporting events, including the Champions League final on May 28 in Russia.

“It is inconceivable that major international football tournaments could be held in Russia after it invaded a sovereign country,” he said.

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As the British wrote on Tuesday Watchman That UEFA is ready to suspend the CL Final at Gazprom Arena in Saint Petersburg.

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