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Cross: 'Toyota drivers will be hard to beat' |  SVT Sport

Cross: ‘Toyota drivers will be hard to beat’ | SVT Sport

SVT sports expert Jonas Kroos believes in the uncertain, difficult and fast winter rally in Finnish Rovaniemi.

– In its entirety, it has got to be the most mysterious and interesting rally of the year. Partly because it is new to the vast majority of drivers, and partly because it will be a very fast sprint at speeds of up to 200 km / h over certain distances. It’s thought it may be the fastest in history – it will match the fastest rally from 2016, also in Finland, with an average speed of 126.6 kilometers per hour, says Kroos.

But partly because it will also be a true winter walk, with a lot of snow. And it really is going on “in the middle of nowhere. You barely see a house, and when you get out of the car you should not be surprised if the first thing you see is a wolf,” he continues.

Toyota is my favorite

According to Kroos, finding a winner beforehand is not easy.

In Monte Carlo, Toyota dominated the race Sebastian Augier won second, Cali Rovanbera in fourth.

There are many who can win extraordinarily. Many consider the Kale Rovanbera to be a favorite. I think Teemu Suninen is an outsider. He didn’t do anything wrong until he crashed in Monte Carlo. The huge pressure falls on the Hyundai team, who were not happy after the Monte Carlo run. Admittedly, Thierry Nouvel was third, but Ott Tanac had to be cut by double holes. Cruz says this pool suits them well, but the pressure is huge.

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However, Kruse places a favorite over Toyota.

They have a car developed in Finland on highways. They have great self-confidence, and they have a manager (Yari Matti Latvala) who started his dream early in the season and is now at home. But above all, Toyota has the best car here. He says they are hard to beat.

CLIP: Watch the impressive Oliver Solberg route to the WRC debut

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