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Cannon jump that nobody could see directly – Christian Bolle set a Finnish record and won his first European Championship medal in Finland in more than 20 years |  Sports

Cannon jump that nobody could see directly – Christian Bolle set a Finnish record and won his first European Championship medal in Finland in more than 20 years | Sports

The 21-year wait is over. Christian Polly put in an incredible effort at the European Championship final at home and took a bronze – a leap that no one on the TV sofa was allowed to see live.

The men’s long jump final at the European Indoor Championships in Poland was loud and provided centimeter drama – something that was not allowed for inclusion in the live broadcast.

Polish TV directors had little desire to show Long Jump. This means that Finnish athletics fans have missed out on seeing Christian Bolle’s many impressive jumps live.

Under the running of branches and men’s soccer, Polly was an incomparably cool series. When Finn had a full 8.10 on his fifth jump, Pulli did not appear in the broadcast.

And when the Pulli number rose to 8.24 in the final jump, Finland’s first European Championship medal at home in more than twenty years was ready. The result is also an indoor Finnish record.

– I don’t remember any of the jump medals. And I still don’t know if this is technically a good hope. The bronze match was tight, and I just thought full hope was needed, says Polley in the IAAF press release.

It feels good that the drought of the Finland Medal is over. And I didn’t even realize I had set the Olympic limit at the same time.

Greek gold

Polly, who again jumped more than eight meters in the final, was awarded the European Championship bronze in Poland. The 26-year-old overtook Ukrainian Vladislav Mazur, who stopped at 8.14, in the final jump.

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– Amazing competition. Three hops at eight meters are really good – and 8.24 really good. He also managed to gather on the last try, but it still seemed like there was more to come out of it, says Yle Sport expert, Mikael Yellowstallo.

In the Battle of Victory, Thobias Montler vehemently opposed Miltiádis Tentóglou, the Greek favorite.

The Swede also jumped a national record when it rose 8.31. The Greek still took gold with his first hope. 8.35 was the result of gold.

The final is ready for Junnila

In the women’s length qualifiers, the Finnish team’s second positive evening effort came in the European Championships. Ella Gunila reached the final on Sunday.

Junnila started at 1.82 and was successful on the first attempt. After that, she got 1.87 and 1.91 on her second attempt. That was enough to become one of eight players last.

Three Ukrainian shoes, one Romanian, Italian, British and one Montenegrin join Junela in the final.

Junnila jumped 1.94 as the best during the indoor season.

Athletics, European domestic championships:

Friday Finals:

Ball ladies:
1. Auriol Dongmo, Portugal 19,34
2. Fanny Ross, Sweden 19.29
3. Christina Schwanitz, Taisland 19.04

Ladies’ PGS
1. Navisato Thiam, Belgium, 4,904 points
2. Nour Viedts, Belgium, with 4,791 points
3. Xénia Rizsán Hungary 4,644 points

3000m women:
1. Amy-Eloise Markovc, Storbritannien 8.46,43
2. Alice Fino, France 8.46.54
3. Verity Ockenden, UK 8.46.60

Long jump men:
1. Miltiádis Tentóglou, Greece 8.35
2. Thobias Montler, Sweden 8.31
3. Christian Poli, Finland 8.24

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Bullet gentlemen:
1. Thomas Stanek, Czech Republic 21.62
2. Michel Haratik, Poland 21.47.2007
3. Philip Michaljevich, Kroatien 21,31

1500 meters, men:
1. Jakob Ingebrigtsen NOR 3.37.56
2. Marcin Lewandowski, Poland, 3.38.06
3. Jesus Gomes, Spain, 3.38,47

Norwegian Jakob Ingbrigtsen was the first in the net but was beaten. Then Norway lodged a protest and it was approved and Ingebrigtsen received the gold