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Criticism in Denmark against Syrians revoking residency permits – Nehter (ECOT)

Several demonstrations took place across Denmark, within the ruling Social Democratic Party, and among the parties supporting it. There is dissatisfaction with the Danish decision to withdraw residency permits for some Syrians from the Damascus area.

– When we arrived in 2014, they said we were the new Danes, it was a lie, says 25-year-old Faiza Sattouf, who was already told that she was no longer allowed to stay in the country. She is from the Damascus area, and unlike the rest of her family, she is not considered an individual need of protection, and therefore her residence permit has not been extended.

Denmark does that The only country in the European Union besides Hungary now likely is the assessment that the Damascus area in particular is safe enough for the return of refugees. A decision that garnered a great deal of international attention. In total, an estimated 500 Syrians in Denmark are now at risk of losing their residence permits.

Criticism is growing in Denmark. Numerous demonstrations took place across the country, local branches of the ruling Social Democratic Party wrote letters of protest, and parties supporting the government were severely critical.

Denmark’s act alone is meaningless and heartless, says Christian Heigard, spokesperson for immigration issues for the liberal social radical left.

But the criticism comes “Don’t make the Social Democrats change,” says the party’s foreign affairs spokesman. Rasmus Stocklund

“There is a broad majority in Folketing for our policy,” he says.

Syrians whose residency permits have been revoked will not be forced into Syria, and Denmark does not have an agreement with the Assad regime. If they did not travel voluntarily, they would instead be placed in an exit center indefinitely. You cannot work or train there and this is something that can wait for Faiza Sattouf now.

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I didn’t do anything illegal, so why should I be punished?

But exit centers are essential, according to Rasmus Stocklund.

If you voluntarily oppose travel, it must have consequences, otherwise our laws are meaningless, he says.