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Countries that are most ready for electric cars - Sweden in seventh place

Countries that are most ready for electric cars – Sweden in seventh place

Jutobi, driving license trainers, have meticulously looked at how countries are ready to switch to electric cars. Of course, Norway took the lead with 8.14 points out of ten possible.

According to Jutobi’s collection of prices, incentives, sales volumes, interest, charging infrastructure and other factors, some countries are as good as Norway. Sweden finished seventh in the rankings with 3.30 points out of 10.

The reason why Norway tops the list is that it already has the largest number of electric cars (11.83 percent) in its total fleet. As the proportion of new electric cars is so high, a number is growing rapidly. In addition, Norway is commended for the vast expansion of the charging infrastructure.

Great Britain came in second with 4.73 points. Although the points were basically lower than Norway, the UK won with an unbeaten enthusiasm over a large electric fleet and electric cars. The Netherlands is close to the United Kingdom. The country is commended for good access to charging infrastructure. In addition, it is the third electric car density country in Europe.

Below is an excerpt from the list above:

At the bottom of the list are Italy 31st with 2.03 points and Germany 32nd with 1.49 points. Despite the many concessions and many electric cars in transportation, countries are failing due to high charging costs and poor charging infrastructure.

You can see Zutobi’s full ranking through this link.