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YouTube closes British left channel

YouTube closes British left channel


Aaron Bastani, co-founder of the media group, wrote on Twitter that the suspension, which allegedly took place on Tuesday morning, had taken place “without explanation” and without giving them a chance to defend themselves. In a statement, representatives of the site demanded that the video be allowed on the platform again, writing that they “play a key public service role” and are regulated by the British media ethics organization Impress. Representatives of Youtube have not yet publicly responded.

Novara Media was founded in 2011 during the struggle against rising university fees in the UK and later became part of a movement around the left turn of the Labor Party. According to their own report, they are one of the 50 largest news and policy channels in the UK and have about 20 permanent editorial members and ten freelance employees.

Fleming was interviewed by Aaron Bastani at the 2017 Socialist Forum in Stockholm. You can ask for an interview Here.

Update: At 2.30pm on Tuesday, the Youtube channel was restored. Novara Media Editor Ash Sarkar wrote on Twitter, “They still have no explanation as to why it was first removed or who made the decision.” “Organized media can’t be censored by unattainable technology giants, it’s so simple,” he writes.

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