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National team in the field competition considering WC 2022

National team in the field competition considering WC 2022

League Captain Frederick Perkandorf In the field competition for the year 2022, a challenge team and a special nations team have been selected for the national team. Already in November, planning for next year’s field competition season begins.

Top Force Included Sarah Alcotson Ostold, Malin Josephson And Malin Peterson Bronze medalists at the European Championships in Avens. Louis Rome And Ludwig Svennerstall Who both started at the Olympics and are young Sophia Sjoborg Who made a great effort individually at the European Championships.

The starting point for next year’s field competition will be the field meeting at Linkoping in mid-November. Then guidelines and plans for the coming years, but will be set in the long run.
– We have this year’s experience from both the Olympics and the European Championships, but this year, especially before the Olympics in Paris, to reflect and set new goals, says Frederick, who believes it’s only slightly different planning.
– Yes, it seems like a bit of a hurry before the 2024 Olympics, says Frederick.

After the winter break, the field competition season begins in the UK in March and on the European mainland in April. In the winter, there will be both scheduled meetings and paused exercises to improve the details of the horses and riders.
– We look at joint planning for the team, but also look at individual arrangements, says Frederick.

Next year’s big goal is the World Cup ground competition, which will conclude in mid-September in Protoni outside Rome. The World Cup is also the starting point for the 2024 Olympic Games qualifiers in Paris. Six of the top-ranked nations in the World Cup have qualified directly, and then Olympic organizer France has been eliminated.

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In addition to qualifying places in the WC, a qualifying place in the FEI Event Countries Cup 22 2022 is at risk. The overall winner also qualifies directly for the Olympics.
– It is good to have more value for the Nations Cup, and it is very important to provide the riders with the experience of riding in teams, says Friedrich Perkandorf.

Putting riders together for various qualifiers, championships and national competitions is a puzzle.
– All riders are important, and while it may not always be an important decision individually, Frederick says a consistent effort on a team is very important.

Speedstrap 2022

Championship team / rider with the highest international level performance.
The team that will be there for the championship.

Sarah Alcotson Ostold
Born: 8 December 1974, Residence: Warrantorf, Germany, Club: With Ridkluben

Malin Josephson
Born: 25 July 1988, Residence: Asby, Club: Gdsrds Ryttarförening

Malin Peterson
Born: 31 January 1981, Residence: Weiss, Germany, Club: Cotlands Landlica Ritterfering

Louis Rome
Date of birth: October 8, 1990

Sophia Sjoborg
Born: 1998, Residence: London, United Kingdom

Ludwig Svennerstall
Born: 24 August 1990, Residence: Tedbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Challenger Force 2022

Team with extensive experience at 4 * level. The team can qualify for the championship.

Frida Anderson
Born: 1990, Hometown: Boxhome, Club: Hofors Ritzalskup

Anna Frescord
Born December 21, 1987

Christopher Forsberg
Born 1991, Hometown: Scrub, Club: Ditaholmspectance Host Club

Lena Forsberg
Born: 1999, Hometown: Holmstadt, Club: Hermannstorp Core O Ritclub

Aminda Inglpson
Born in 1986, Residence: Flying, Club: Flying Riderfering

Nicholas Lindbach
Born: March 2, 1974, hometown: Munka-Lungbi, Club: Flying Hostsport Club

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Catherine Norling
Born: 1979, hometown: Mandorp, club: Mandorpritrna

Nations Cup squad 2022 (not national team)

Panel with MER result in CCI4 * -S. Team for Nations Cup participation.

Linda Alcotson
Born: 1972, Hometown: Lokeby, Club: Ritgluben Utten

Stina Arosonius
Born: 1997, Hometown, Flying Club: Flying Equestrian Club

Hannah Berg
Born: 1987, Hometown: Farlow, Club: Courts Riderfering

Jonah Britsey
Born: 1991, hometown of Holmstadt, Club: Hermannstarp Car O Ritclub

Victoria Carlerbach
Born 1973, hometown: Tolsjofors, Club: Boras Fultrid Club

Sandra Gustafson
Born: 1988, hometown of Kullawick, Club: Hermannstarp Car O Ritclub

Gazza Mansby Svetberg
Born: 1990, lives in the UK

Amanda Stamm
Born: 1990, Hometown: Mohom, Club: Maristots Ritclub