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Corona vaccine, researcher Astra Zeneca, urges calm

Corona vaccine, researcher Astra Zeneca, urges calm

Several European countries have stopped using the Astra Zeneca vaccine due to reports of blood clots. They are awaiting further investigation.

These countries have noticed a few cases and there they value their pharmaceuticals as a warning sign. Blood clots can also occur in the general population. It’s not uncommon for this to happen, even if you have to shut your ears off if there is more suddenly, says vaccine researcher Ali Merazimi at the Karolinska Institute.

Germany, France and Italy ranked last.

The German break is called a “precaution” while investigating suspected side effects, including blood clots.

11 million Britons have been vaccinated with Astra

Neither the Medicinal Products Agency nor the European Medicines Agency see a causal link between blood clots and the vaccine at this time.

We haven’t yet seen any data indicating that it is a causal link, says Karl Mikael Kalkner, a safety expert at the Medicines Agency, for SVT News Monday night.

“In Sweden, no such cases have been reported yet,” he wrote. Medicinal Products Agency On suspected blood clots as a result of a vaccine.

in the UK Approximately 24 million People who have received the first dose of the vaccine. 11 million Britons have received the Astra Zeneca vaccine. British Medicines Agency MHRA does the same Evaluation.

Astra Zeneca also confirms that the vaccine does not increase the risks. Ann Taylor, the company’s medical director, wrote in a statement:

“The number of cases of blood clots is lower than the hundreds of cases expected in the general population.”

“Now stop guessing.”

When it comes to more vaccinations, we can see clearer links. You have to look at the countries that have come a long way. It would be strange to differ from the English language, Ali Merazimi says.

As a researcher, do you worry when you see reports of blood clots?

Now you have stopped guessing or believing in something, there are always new things in this epidemic. But based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think there is anything to worry about. I have confidence in our pharmaceutical agency and the European Agency. They see all reports in Europe and then the numbers get more reliable. I am convinced that they are seeing the slightest sign, so they stop, because no one wants people to be afraid of vaccines. Because after that we are preoccupied with the epidemic. Transparency and security are very important to these authorities.

Many have been vaccinated

In Sweden, about 517,000 individuals have received the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine

153,000 individuals have received the Astra Zeneca vaccine

About 53,000 moderna vaccines have been received

Source: Medicinal Products Agency 3/14

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The New York Times reports that 30 million doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine are stored in a factory in the United States. Although it cannot be used in the United States because the country has not applied for approval.
After the deaths in Denmark, Norway has chosen to temporarily stop the Astra Zeneca vaccine. There are still no confirmed links between the vaccine and blood clots.