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Corona news – March 24

The European Commission wants to be able to stop exports

In the wake of the conflict with the United Kingdom and the United States, the European Commission wants EU member states to be able to block shipments of the vaccine to countries that have a high vaccination rate or have export barriers.

The proposal will be discussed at the summit on Thursday and a decision is expected next week. But Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is wary of a future trade war.

We can’t put the sticks in the wheels for each other, but we have to make sure we get more vaccine production, says Stefan Lovin to TT.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticizes the EU proposal and warns that the situation could get worse, the Guardian writes.

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29 million doses have been found in Italy

Authorities in Italy have now discovered 29 million vaccine doses of Astra Zeneca at a factory in Italy, according to Italian La Stampa reports. According to the newspaper, twice the vaccine doses have been delivered by the company to the European Union so far.

It is unclear what the dosing plan is. The European Union is said to have found the discovery when they wondered where somewhere production of the Astra Zeneca in the Netherlands had ended.

According to some sources, it was intended for poor countries through the Covax program, but La Stampa writes that they are going to Britain. The Swedish Vaccine Coordinator says it could be a positive surprise.

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In the beginning it was feelings of anger, but now we need to know where to go. It might be good news, he tells Expressen TV.

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Finland communicates with Astra Zeneca

Since many people in Denmark and Norway died, among others, after being vaccinated with Astra Zeneca, many countries, including Sweden, have stopped vaccination with the drug.

Finland has now decided to resume vaccination, after the European Medicines Agency said the benefits outweigh the risks. But only for people over 65.

On the contrary, two months ago, several countries did not give the vaccine to the elderly in particular, and indicated a lack of data in studies on the vaccine for the virus.

Swedish and Danish authorities are expected to announce on Thursday.

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“Obviously, you have to send inspectors all the time.”