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New closure across the UK

New closure across the UK

At 20:00 local time, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the country.

The new British mutation, which according to Johnson is 60-70 percent more contagious, has made the infection spread. He said healthcare is under more pressure than ever due to the epidemic.

“If nothing is done, the British healthcare system will collapse within 21 days,” Johnson said in the letter.

This is why England is entering a difficult new period of nationwide lockdown.

“The government is now asking you to stay home,” Johnson said.

Northern Ireland and Wales have been closed since the end of December, and Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday that they will be closed Tuesday evening.

Schools are closed

Among other things, primary and secondary schools in England will be closed, as will the rest of the United Kingdom. Johnson believes schools are not necessarily the driving force behind the spread of infection, but that they can help the disease spread between homes.

Why didn’t we close schools before?

We did everything to keep schools open because we know how each day is in relation to a child’s education, and we know that it is not the worst environment for the spread of infection, but the school can still influence the spread of infection between homes.

Those companies are shutting down

All retail stores or non-essential personal care (such as hair salon)

Restaurants may still serve fast food, but do not take in alcohol.

Zoos and other animal attractions will be closed

• Outdoor team sports are only permitted at the elite level

The stadiums will remain open, as will the places of worship.

• Students are encouraged to return to their universities to study from home.

All teaching, except for what cannot be performed in any other way, must be done remotely.

Valid until February holiday

The shutdown takes effect with immediate effect and legal tools will be developed to ensure compliance with them on Wednesday morning.

Johnson announced that it would temporarily continue until mid-February. The time interval may be affected depending on the form of development.

“If the death toll starts to drop and everyone bears their weight by following the restrictions, we will be able to slowly pull the lockdown and possibly reopen schools after the holiday in February,” Johnson said.

Then the British could leave the homeland:

• If it is not possible to work from home.

• To purchase basic commodities

• Training with one person, family or other person, but not both.

• Providing assistance or care to a vulnerable person.

• To get medical care or to avoid domestic violence.

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Four new cases of mutated virus in Stockholm

And the news came, on Sunday, of the discovery of four new cases of mutated viruses in Stockholm: “more cases in the country.”