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Complete research flexibility at Cambridge with software from Getinge

Complete research flexibility at Cambridge with software from Getinge

The Lucullus Process Information Management System (PIMS) from Getinge enables laboratories using automation to manage all data in one place. Matthew Duke, Senior Scientist at Isomerase in the UK, has had positive experiences with the software’s ease of use and flexibility in measuring different types and quantities of bioreactors.

– After three years of using Lucullus, we still haven’t found anything we can’t do. Everything we wanted to try became possible, Matthew explains in a recent webinar, “Scale with Lucullus PIMS – Isomerase’s Customer Experience.”

Isomerase supports stakeholders in various sectors with all aspects of microbial product and process discovery and development. The company’s new BioPilot lab, located near Cambridge, uses Lucullus PIMS to manage its 3-liter and 7-liter Gedinge Aplikon bioreactors.

– We want to meet basically all challenges at short notice, and Lucullus has all the functionality we need to be as flexible and fast as our customers expect, says Mathew.

From ideation and formulation to reporting and evaluation, Lucullus is designed to provide users with an integrated software solution for the entire bioprocessing workflow.

– Programming can be challenging, but not with Luculus. Thanks to great training, you can get started quickly. Simple recipe writing is very easy using flow charts and drop down menus. Even when working with more complex recipes, you don’t need to be fluent in programming languages, says Mathew.

“The fine-grained controls of Lucallus enable very robust and well-controlled processes, and programs can be transferred from our bench-scale bioreactors to larger versions with minor changes,” he continues.

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As an example of the wider possibilities, Isomerase uses Lucullus to manage a 20-year-old bioreactor that previously required three employees to cover the 24-hour manual monitoring required.

– Now we have Lucullus, remote monitoring and intervention is so easy, problems can be solved at the touch of a button from home instead of driving. This is a good demonstration of the software’s potential and we also appreciate the great level of service and support available from Getinge when needed, Mathew concludes.

Bioprocessing is part of Getinge’s life science solutions that help discover products that improve the quality of life.

– Lucullus PIMS is an amazing tool where researchers can be truly creative and have the flexibility they need to implement their ideas, where all data collection and analysis can be done through a single channel. It turns ideas into knowledge, which is what our end users expect,” says Astrid Aguilar Fajardo, Product Manager, Bioprocessing Life Sciences at Geding.

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