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The European Union seeks support from Sweden in India’s efforts


EU Commission Ursula van der Leyen.

Photo: John Thais / AB / DT

EU Commission Ursula van der Leyen.


The European Union is ready to support India with oxygen.

The leaders of Germany and France pledge their support.

There has been a direct request to Sweden and the authority MSB.

The European Union (EU) has announced that it is ready to send oxygen and medicine to India, where the corona virus could cause a humanitarian catastrophe. EU Commission President Uruzza van der Leyen says the EU has sought help from New Delhi.

“Focus on the epidemic situation in India. We are ready to help,” he wrote on social media.

Asks EU countries

EU Commissioner Janes Lenarsic says the EU is coordinating assistance with individual EU countries to provide rapid support with oxygen and drugs.

Severe lack of oxygen causes death among infected Govt-19 patients in Delhi metropolitan area.

Sweden is under investigation by the European Union’s Civil Defense Mechanism, according to the Department of Communications of the Swedish Civil Accident Organization.

Many attempts

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that a German emergency response is being planned, according to media outlet Der Spiegel, who said the German military could help provide oxygen.

French President Emmanuel Macron says the country will send oxygen.

The UK has also announced that medical equipment will be sent to India to assist the country in the fight against the corona virus.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has also pledged support.

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“Our thoughts are with the Indian people during this horrific Govt-19 eruption. We are working closely with the Government of India and will soon provide additional support to the Indian people and Indian health workers,” he wrote on social media.