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Britain’s historic victory – first in 59 years

Now Sweden is waiting: “takes three points”



59 Long years later, Great Britain finally celebrated a victory at the World Cup after regular time.

After the victory against Belarus, Sweden is waiting for the next one.

– Defender David Clements says there is no reason to believe we are coming from there with three points.

Sweden’s squad at Hockey World Cup

Great Britain beat Belarus in overtime loss against Denmark yesterday – beating Trey Kroner in previous matches.

In 2019 the English were able to stay in the A-AWC with difficulty, and tonight’s victory was the first consecutive victory in the A-WC since 1962 (7-5 ​​against Finland).

– It was a very long time ago. A great achievement, senior pointer Matthew Myers, 36, is about three pointers.

Excellent play

Liam Kirk, who made twelve appearances for Swedish hockey Ethan Club Hanhalls this winter, won a big match with his two goals to a 4-3 victory.

The team is waiting for a day off before facing Sweden opposition on Friday. Sport-plated defender David Clements, 26, asked, even if they count three points?

– We hope so! We try to add new people to the team during the pre-camp first and competition. The players and coaches were excellent at it. That team has been incredible over the last three, four years. We fight in all competitions and believe in victory. There is no reason to believe we are coming up with three points from there, he says.

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“We will do the same against Sweden”

What do you know about the Swedish team?

– They are incredibly good and have the right team from the goalkeepers. A fantastic team. We know it will be tough, but there is nothing better than competing with the best players in the world. We will enjoy embracing it. Matthew Myers says we aim to play better after the match and we will do the same against Sweden.

They will face the Czech Republic on Thursday, before Tray Kroner is set against Great Britain.


After three early losses, Canada had the long-awaited victory over Norway. It was a long time to go 2-2, but in the end the great power won 4-2.

Calgary forward Andrew Mangyapane scored the decisive goal.

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Photo: Roman Coxarov / D.T.


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