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China, the United Kingdom and the European Union: Leaders in Renewable Energy

China, the United Kingdom and the European Union: Leaders in Renewable Energy

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Leading countries in the use of renewable energy are China and the United Kingdom, as well as member states of the European Union, according to a study by consulting firm Moody’s.

The company reviewed the implementation of sustainable policies in 15 key economies and identified betting resolutions on one Long-term stable vision They are found in these countries.

These measures include economic incentives to strengthen investment in the renewable energy sector. On the contrary, they found that other countries had “complex” policies on the subject.

China is a world leader In these efforts; The rating agency gave the Asian country an “A1 standard” rating on this factor. It is followed by the European Union (EAA) and the United Kingdom (Aa3).

They consider it Those categories will benefit equipment manufacturers Ginkgo Solar and Vestas Wind Systems located in China and Arstet from Denmark.

Ann To us, They say the country is “lagging behind its world counterparts” due to discrepancies in some federal policies and the extent of taxes allocated to the sector.

However, they do show that they have the support of state officials to implement policies that strengthen renewable energy.

Other countries with excellent growth in this field Australia, Brazil and Turkey, Due to its actions to switch from carbon based energies to purer ones.

They insist on that too Saudi Arabia, India and Taiwan They have ambitious goals in this area. In contrast, they point out that others, such as Mexico and Russia, are lagging behind.

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In Mexico, a law is being implemented to reform the country’s electricity system, which will increase production costs and reduce production from clean sources such as gas.

“The world’s largest economies all have a goal Expand renewable or clean electricity, Usually for the next five to ten years, ”Moody’s wrote.

These goals of achieving decarbonization are based on the international obligations to the Paris Agreement.

Part of the US retreat in this area is explained by the fact that the previous White House administration withdrew the country from the global agreement in November 2020.

However, new President Joe Biden called for a resumption of work in January 2021.

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