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Corona virus strains: a frantic search in the United Kingdom for travelers with Brazilian variants

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Health officials in the United Kingdom are trying to identify a traveler from Brazil who were checked, but did not fill out the form with their personal data.

British health officials are trying to find a passenger who landed in the UK with a new variant of the corona virus identified in Brazil.

P1 lineage, also known as Variation of manaTheS, Is one of the strains of SARS-CoV-2, which is causing concern in the international community as it makes the virus more contagious.

The Manas variant was first spotted in the UK last weekend. So far six cases have been identified: Three were Scottish residents who flew from Brazil to Aberdeen via Paris and London. Two more who passed through Brazil belong to the same family and live in the southern Gloucestershire district.

The third case to be identified in the UK “Unknown traveler“.