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Chief Expert: Megan will not be back

Chief Expert: Megan will not be back

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left for America, Megan did not return to Britain once. The couple’s children, Archie, 2, and Lilliput – certainly not had much time since they were born three months ago.

However, the children’s father has returned to his home country twice. Once upon a time for the funeral of Prince Phillips. A new statue of Princess Diana has been unveiled for the second time

Since Megan had stayed in the United States on both occasions, court experts began to speculate as to whether he would ever return to British soil.

According to a government expert, this is unlikely.

“Looks like hypocrisy”

According to author Robert Jobson, the Duchess is no longer popular in Britain.

– Jobson tells The Mirror that the idea that she will stand next to the Queen and treat the Queen with love, when the book comes to you, seems like hypocrisy to tell you about more skeletons in public.

The expert believes that you simply “have to wait and see”.

However, the prince is more likely to return. Not least when Queen Elizabeth celebrates 70 years as Regent next year.

– Jobson tells The Mirror whether Megan is happy or not, or that Harry should not pay attention if he sees his brother wrong.

– That’s wrong, in my opinion, the Queen deserves more than that.

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