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NENT team creates 'Karma and Jonner' animated ViaPlay original for kids

NENT team creates ‘Karma and Jonner’ animated ViaPlay original for kids

  • ‘Karma and Jonner’ uses WiiPlay Studio’s premium 3D animation technology
  • The series, in eight sections, is based on the best-selling children’s books by an anonymous author
  • The NENT team plans to release at least 50 original products by 2021

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), one of the fastest growing streaming companies in the world, presents the best – selling children’s book ‘Karma and Jonner’ with its next Viaplay original to younger audiences. The eight-episode series uses Viaplay Studio’s first-class 3D animation technology and is the first ViaPlay studio production after the restructuring and redesign of NENT Group’s studio operations. ‘Karma and Jonner’ is the exclusive premiere of NNT Group’s streaming service ViaPlay in 2022.

The books ‘Zelda Falcao’, ‘Karma and Jonar’, written by an anonymous Swedish writer, take place in the fictional land of Glimeria, and include wonderful examples of Henrik Arie, who has been named one of the 200 best illustrators in the world by the Lessers Archive. Based on the original ‘Karma and Jonner’ first book and aimed at audiences aged 7 to 9.

The production uses ViaPlay Studio’s site for 3D animation and is recorded in a motion capture studio based on the latest technology. Launched In mid-September, Viaplay Studios primarily focuses on providing original content for Viaplay, which will be available in at least 16 countries by the end of 2023.

Filippa Wallestom, Chief Content Officer, NENT Group: “The series tells an exciting and engaging story and explores topics such as friendship, self – confidence and emerging challenges. And Jonner ‘Wayplay Studio’s world-class storytelling and technical prowess.

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Writer Zelda Falcao says: “I’m proud to see my friends change the story format of Karma and Jonner and grow bigger in a new medium.

The series (English title: ‘Karma and Jonner’) was written by Henrik Anborg and directed by Alexander Gustavson. The book ‘Karma and Jonar’ is published by Bookmark in Sweden. Previous Vibe Play originals for younger audiences include ‘Fixie in Playland’, ‘Mias Magic World’, ‘Fairy Tales’ and Crystal Winner ‘The Great Experiment’.

Om NENT Groups via Originals

The NENT team plans to release at least 50 Vayplay originals by 2021. In the last three months, ‘Anger‘; Season twoHiding in the snow‘; ‘Near me‘; ‘Two sisters‘; Season twoInvestigation‘; ‘Three’; And ‘Zebrarummet‘Screened on Wayplay.

Recently announced original productsRonza‘; ‘Ida takes charge‘; Season twoEngine‘; ‘The gift of peace‘; ‘Sort’; ‘Uninhabitable earth‘; ‘Polish assassins‘,’Black dog‘And’Freedom to swallow‘; Season twoBiased‘; Season threeRespect‘; Season three and fourLycovigan‘; ‘Holiday’; Season two and threeBernie‘; ‘Red election‘; ‘Hilma‘; ‘Billy the Kid’; ‘Brotherhood‘; ‘Who shot Otto Mல்லller?‘; A series about Barge Salming; ‘Fatim‘; ‘Taylors Island‘; ‘Relative‘; ‘What about Monica‘; ‘Tram‘; ‘Ricketts Exodus‘; ‘Made in Oslo‘; ‘Estonia – The last wave‘; ‘Sweden‘; Season twoStella Blómkvist‘; Season twoWhistling‘; ‘In the box‘; ‘Swarm‘; ‘Harmonica‘; ‘Perfect people‘; And ‘Marjax

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Produced by NNT Group Two English language blockbusters each year. The company has also established a joint venture manufacturing company in the UK Film Nation Entertainment And invested in American Studio Start filming.


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Viaplay, the streaming service of Nordic Entertainment Group AB (publ) (NENT Group), is based in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Viaplay will launch in the US in 2021 and in the Netherlands and UK in 2022. The aim is to tell stories, touch people and broaden perspective. Headquartered in Stockholm and with a global perspective, the NENT Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (‘NENT B’).

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