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Cathay gets the longest flight in the Pacific world

Cathay gets the longest flight in the Pacific world

Airbus A350-1000 from Cathay Pacific.

After changing the route of her flight from New York to Hong Kong to avoid Russian airspace, Cathay Pacific will set a new world record for the longest trade route. The Hong Kong-based airline will fly around Russia.

The Cathay Pacific flight between JFK and Hong Kong International (HKG) in New York previously took about 15 hours to fly from Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, Siberia and the north to China. The new route is much farther south, instead of flying over the Atlantic, the United Kingdom, large parts of Europe and then Central Asia and then south of Ukraine – over the country – before flying from the west to China. The length of the journey has been increased from 3,000 km to 16,618 km and the total travel time has been extended from approximately two hours to approximately 17 hours.

– The Atlantic Ocean is based on a strong seasonal tailwind at this time of year, so flight time should be between 16 and 17 hours, which would be more favorable than flying over the Pacific Ocean, a Cathay Pacific spokesman said.

More time on a Singapore Airlines flight

The former record holder writes that Singapore Airlines still has the longest flight time of 17 and an hour and a half Daily Mail. However, the distance between New York and Hong Kong is almost 1,300 kilometers shorter than the Cathay Pacific new aircraft: 15,349 kilometers “against” the Cathay Pacific 16,618 kilometers.

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, commercial airlines have avoided flying over Russian and Belarusian airspace. For example, Japan Airlines has changed its route from London to Tokyo, so it goes through Canada and Alaska instead of Russia.

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