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Vattenfall will generate sustained district heat in Bristol to achieve ambitious climate goals by 2030

Vattenfall will generate sustained district heat in Bristol to achieve ambitious climate goals by 2030

Waterfall and America’s leading energy service company Amaresco have been selected as partners in the city of Bristol’s long-term plan to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the city. The plan, called City Leap, includes multi-billion investments in Waterfall and the right to run Bristol’s district heat during the 20-year offer.

Under the new offer agreement, Vattenfall will receive the district heating networks already built by the City of Bristol, and will create new district heating networks that will eventually provide heat equivalent to approximately 90,000 homes. Vattenfall expects SEK to invest more than $ 2.4 billion in the first five years to provide equivalent district heating to 25,000 homes.

We are very proud that Bristol City has been selected in partnership with Amaresco to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and achieve its carbon dioxide neutralization targets by 2030. This is in line with Wattenfall’s goal of enabling fossil life within a generation, says Ulrika. Jordfeld, head of business area heating in Wattenfall.

Citi Leap has invested over SEK 12 billion (GBP 1 billion) in Bristol’s energy system to achieve our ambitious climate goals. We are building a long-term partnership to implement large-scale investments in the sustainable energy system, says Craig Cheney, Deputy Mayor of Bristol.

Bristol was the first city to declare a climate emergency with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The City Leap project is designed to reduce the city’s energy costs, provide clean air, improve energy infrastructure and improve the local economy. To reduce CO2 emissions. The program covers all buildings in the city, including public buildings, factories, commercial real estate and residential buildings, such as hospitals, universities and schools.

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Our team is proud to be a part of such an important initiative taken by Bristol. We hope this will open the eyes of neighboring areas to the possibility of cross-city projects to reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide emissions, ”said Britta McIntosh, Senior Vice President, Amaresco.

About the Bristol City Leap Project:
City Leap is a long-term partnership based on the 20-year offer that the city of Bristol wants
Accelerate investment in low or low carbon energy solutions
Bristol’s climate target to reach zero emissions by 2030. This is expected to lead to carbon dioxide emissions in Bristol
Has decreased by more than one million tons over a period of 20 years. The city of Bristol will be formally held
Present the agreement at the government meeting on April 5, 2022.
In the first five years of the partnership, the project is expected to lead to more than five in total
Billions invested in infrastructure in the form of district heating networks, 182 MW renewable
Solutions for power generation, heat pumps, increased energy efficiency and charging electric vehicles.

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