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A Look at Some of the Best Bingo Games for PlayStation 4

Bingo is enjoying a resurgent comeback after originally being popular in the 1980s. In those days, people would make their way to physical bingo halls to enjoy some cheap entertainment that also gave them the opportunity to win some money. However, the popularity of the game started to wane until the birth of the internet brought it renewed life.

When you Google the popular game, you’re now inundated with a wealth of online bingo sites, many of which are hugely popular brands such as FoxyBingo. The industry is now worth over £1 billion in the UK alone, and that figure increases year on year! It is not only the UK where the game is thriving either, as Bingo has become popular across other continents, including North America and Asia.

However, it is not only mainstream bingo sites that you can use to get your bingo fix, as the game has become popular in a free to play format on PC, consoles, and smartphones. Playing bingo in a free to play format is just as exciting as playing for real money. Plus, at least if you lose, you’re not actually losing any of your own money! There are a few PlayStation 4 games based on bingo or have bingo among a variety of other casino games. Below, we take a look at some of the best of them.

The great thing about many of these titles is that it is not just playing bingo itself that is fun. There are tons of gameplay mechanics that add to the experience. Sometimes you can play in multiplayer mode against others, while others will offer a storyline that you can follow. Do you have the skill and luck required to beat some of the following bingo games? Then why not look at some of them before deciding whether to play?

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The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Launched in 2015 and developed by Digital Leisure, The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a social online multiplayer casino game that offers you access to a bunch of slots, poker, table games, and even a bingo hall. You can walk around the casino and take your seat at the best games available. The idea is to complete quests that give you bonuses and additional play chips, while also trying to build your bankroll as you go along.

Hard Rock Casino

Although designed for the PlayStation 2, you can still play this title on your PS4. Developed by FarSight Studios, Hard Rock Casino starts you off with $5,000 worth of free chips. Playing games like blackjack, craps, poker, and the bingo-like keno, your task is to follow the storyline, which will hopefully let you gamble at a high roller casino. You complete quests on certain games before moving to the next. As you go along, you will build up your free chip bankroll so that you can take part in the bigger games.

Vegas Party

The story is quite similar to Vegas Party, the casino game that first launched in 2017. The action takes place in Vegas and it is a multiplayer race to the very top. There are 18 different environments, 17 land-based casinos, and 10 mini-games for you to enjoy. Supporting up to four players, the goal is to make it to the end of the Vegas Strip before anyone else does. The twist with this popular title is that you also have to avoid things like tornadoes and earthquakes as you hone your skills and master the games in front of you.

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Paradise Bingo

One of the older titles on this list, but still with a cult following, Paradise Bingo, launched via PlayStation Home in 2012. This title allowed players and their avatars to frequent a Las Vegas casino. On top of the regular casino games you would expect, Bingo regularly attracted a wealth of players to the tables. This is a social game that lets players meet new people and chat while they play.

Ready to Mark Your Numbers?

The above are four of the best bingo games currently available for the PS4. Some are free that offer in-game purchases, while others may require purchasing upfront. Nevertheless, if you are looking for some great bingo games for your PlayStation 4, these are the titles you should check out first. Before long, you will find yourself hustling the casinos and bingo halls out of their money and having a great time while doing so!