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Nations Cup final: Sweden are innocent in the first round, 5 errors after the others

Nations Cup final: Sweden are innocent in the first round, 5 errors after the others

In today’s round rides Malin Barriott Johnson, Henrik von Eckerman, Angeli von Essen And Rolf-Goren Pengson To Sweden.

Includes wear Angelica Auguston Janotelli, As league captain Henrik Angarona You can choose to take part in the second round on Sunday – if Sweden is among the eight teams going there.

So far, there are many riders – almost half of those who have just started! – There was a time error, but the track builder did not choose to touch the maximum time.

Sweden has the first rider Henrik von Eckerman With King Edward Zero.

– He always does a good job and strong rounds, he says about his horse.
– We have to qualify for Sunday, and if Malin gets a flawless round or four bugs, we have to do it.

Do you feel pressured as an Olympic gold medalist?
– No, no, this is a new lineup, a new competition. But of course we want to win and there is no question about it!

So far, they have shared that decision with Germany Daniel Tusser And Killer Queen VDM, Belgium Nicola Phillips With Kadanga vh Dingeshof, Brazil Marlon Motolo Janodelli With Grand Slam VDL.

Rolf-Goren Pengson And Erminto W Got a forerunner error that caused the crash and timing error.

European champions Switzerland have yet to have flawless riders. Steve Gordot And his superstar Victorio des Fraudarts A total of 9 errors were found, Brian Palsiger With Twenty-two des bitches 4 found.

Before the third round, Great Britain caught fire after errors 8 and 5, but the 22-year-olds Harry Charles With came a saving angel with a flawless round Romeo88.

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