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SVT eliminates the "do not look for" feature.

SVT eliminates the “do not look for” feature.

When Morgonstudion featured a feature on the acclaimed climate irony of Don’t Look, the presenters acted just like the uninterrupted TV presenter in the movie. Instead of talking about the actual plot of the movie, the participants discussed Comets and asteroids.

The huge success of Don’t Look Up at Christmas Weekend is a political satire of society’s miserable handling of the climate crisis. With movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett in the cast, director Adam McKay skillfully depicts how two scientists who warn of global warming are treated – in the form of an approaching comet – with indifference and misunderstanding by those in power, Business leaders and the media.

But when Morgonstudion SVT feature making Around the film, fantasy became reality. Instead of talking about climate, nine minutes are spent arguing with the astronomer if the comet can, in fact, be avoided. All under the motto “True and False on Not Looking”.

The host asks the astronomer, “The movie pretends to be based on real events that haven’t happened yet – how likely is that?”

For most people (except for the Morgonstudio editorial staff), it’s clear what true events the movie is based on. The recognition factor is big, and the film’s cast — including the director, screenwriter, and actor — have repeatedly emphasized that the culprit is a metaphor for the climate crisis.

Relevant output:

It becomes – if possible – more of a parody when the SVT feature continues with a clip with the film’s delightful and incomprehensible TV duo. Their roles are an almost obscure symbol of the media’s inadequate climate coverage.

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The Morgonstudion hosts follow up the clip with a question: “This is not a pretty picture of morning TV presenters. The irony we see here is that researchers are being interviewed by politicians, those in power, and journalists – does it really exist?”

To remind you: the question is directed to the astronomer. Not a climate scientist.

So the answer is: Yes, it does exist. And Morning Studio is clearly part of the farce.