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Huge police seizure: 48 million euros in counterfeit banknotes

Huge police seizure: 48 million euros in counterfeit banknotes

The crime is suspected to have been going on for a long time, but was only brought to central Naples in April. Since then, two counterfeiters are suspected of living in the workshop permanently and sleeping in shifts so they could keep production going at all hours of the day, reports said. Corriere della Sera.

The two false defendants He was arrested in connection with a dawn raid by Italian financial police earlier this week. Beds, a makeshift kitchen, a printing press, and counterfeit 50-euro banknotes valued at approximately 48 million euros, equivalent to about 560 million kroner, were also found in the building.

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In addition to the counterfeiters, five other people were arrested. One of them is suspected of acting as an intermediary for the counterfeiters, including the task of purchasing food and other necessities. Several drivers suspected of smuggling banknotes were arrested in other operations, and the suspected mastermind behind the operation, a man in his 70s, is in police custody.

italian financial police, Those behind the crackdown described the arrest as the result of long intelligence work, Italian media reported.

The counterfeiting association is not the only one in Naples. A month ago, about 60 people were arrested on suspicion of forging about six million euros and then trying to launder banknotes in France, Spain and Greece.

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