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Britain shuts down Chinese TV channel  SVT News

Britain shuts down Chinese TV channel SVT News

The Chinese TV channel CGTN has been broadcasting from several cities in the world since 2016, and it is owned by the state-owned China CCTV. According to CGTN, the goal is to provide news and other content to contribute to increasing “communication and understanding between China and the world” and increasing “mutual trust between China and other countries.”

However, the TV channel has been criticized for its coverage, most recently during the protests in Hong Kong, CGTN was convicted of repeatedly violating the demand for neutrality.

You are not responsible for the content

Ofcom investigated the CGTN and concluded that the TV license was incorrect. The broadcast license is owned by Star China Media Limited, which has no responsibility for editorial content but only acts as a distributor. This does not apply, but the licensee should be responsible for the content being streamed, Ofcom says.

In response, the CGTN filed for a change of licensees, which was rejected because the proposed new owner had an explicit relationship with the ruling Communist Party, CCP – which is inconsistent with British law.

– CGTN gave us several chances to respond, but they didn’t come back. A spokesperson for Ofcom tells CNN now, so we find it reasonable to revoke the broadcast license.

Cultural news looking for CGTN.

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