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The Gäfel Symphony Orchestra celebrates Wilhelm Steinhamar for 150 years

The Gäfel Symphony Orchestra celebrates Wilhelm Steinhamar for 150 years

Friday, February 12
Live broadcast 19.00

Gavle Symphony Orchestra
Peter Sundqvist a conductor
Sarah Truppak Violin

Beethoven Celebration of the name, the parade
Wagner A poetic victory
STENHAMMAR Two Passionate Romanticism Ref 28
Wagner Flying Dutchman, view
STENHAMMAR Intermezzo, a break from the song
STENHAMMAR Midwinter at 24

November 6 was the last time the Javel Symphony Orchestra played together. Due to the pandemic, no concerts have taken place since then, but now is the time.
Composer Wilhelm Steinhamar was born on February 7, 1871, and therefore he would have turned 150 this year. Stenhammar is one of the most important Swedish composers of all time with a strong and clear relationship with Gothenburg with his position as lead conductor of the current Gutenberg Symphony Orchestra 1907-1922. The association with Gothenburg was also evident at the concert because soloist Sarah Truppak has been, since 2002, the concert director of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.
The concert is led by conductor of the orchestra, Peter Sundqvist who is often a popular and frequent guest with the Gäfel Symphony Orchestra.
The concert is held without an audience at Gevaliasalen in Gävle Konserthus and is streamed live on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Sarah Truepack
Sarah Tropack started playing the violin at the age of five in Fujista outside Örebro, where she grew up. When she was sixteen years old, she was accepted into the music department at the Gothenburg Academy of Music and two years later she moved to London and the Royal Academy of Music. There, during the years 1996-2001, Sarah studied at Gyorgy Pauk and participated in Master’s classes with, among others, Lord Yehudi Menhuin, Maxim Vengerov and Ruggerio Ricci.

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Sarah has been hired as a soloist, room musician, and concert guest in Sweden and abroad.
She was a soloist with the Gutenberg Symphony Orchestra, the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, and the London soloists of St. Martin-in-the-Fields and worked with conductors such as Neeme Järvi, Alexander Vedernikov and Santtu-Matias Rouvali. Sarah has recorded several records for the record companies Chandos, Naxos and Daphne. The latest addition is Wilhelm Steinhammar’s two emotional romances with the Gutenberg Symphony Orchestra and Nim Yarvey for record company BIS.

In 2002, Sarah with cellist Claes Gunnarsson and pianist Bear Lundberg posed for the Poseidon Trio. The trio has been praised for their musical interpretations and has been praised in both the Swedish and international press.
“A new recording is rarely so good that it deserves the immediate opening of the classic Hall of Fame. But this CD is one of these! It’s truly a five-star achievement and a recording that I don’t expect will be surpassed in the near future. This is a must-have recommendation.”
Jerry Dobbins, Fanfare (Beethoven Trio, Gutenberg Symphony Orchestra / In Yarvey)

Since 2002, Sarah has been concert director at the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and in 2008 she was elected as a member of the Royal Academy of Music.
Sarah plays GB Guadagnini 1753, which is generously loaned by the Järnåker Foundation.

Peter Sundqvist
In addition to the Swedish orchestra, Peter Sundkvist has performed symphony orchestras throughout the Nordic region, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia.

During the 2000s, he was associated as lead conductor or first guest conductor at the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Gäfel Symphony Orchestra, and Norrbotten Chamber / Norrbotten New Orchestra. In the years 2004-2007, Peter Sundqvist was also the captain of the Musica Vitae, who also toured Spain and the United States.

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Petter Sundkvist spends a lot of time in contemporary music and has performed nearly 200 premieres. He has also presented about fifteen works in Swedish opera houses and a similar number of Chamber operas productions.

Recording company Naxos Petter Sundkvist was given a lead role in 1995 in an expanded Swedish music recording business. Internationally, Stenhammar’s recordings with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Joseph Martin Krause with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra are of particular interest. In later recordings, Petter Sundkvist explores the possibilities of the modern orchestra for timeless performance – something that is also reflected in his work with Haydn’s music, Mozart and Beethoven. Krause’s four albums have received praise from the international press, the first being awarded the prestigious Cannes Classic Prize in 1999. In addition to Naxos’ numerous recordings, Petter Sundkvist’s records also contain BIS, Caprice, Swedish Society, DaCapo and Phono Suecia records, including Radio Orchestra Swedish Symphony Orchestra Gutenberg Symphony Orchestra.

Peter Sundckvist has been a professor at the Academy of Music at Pettio since 2002. In 2015, Peter Sundckvist was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Music.