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Britain angry at French sanctions - fishing row continues

Britain angry at French sanctions – fishing row continues

Since the British voted to leave the European Union five years ago, an old quarrel has erupted. The conflict is mainly about who should be allowed to fish where – both Britain and France want to restrict the other person’s right to fish in their waters.

The French government is threatening to impose sanctions from Tuesday, which could mean tighter controls on British goods. In addition, they want to ban British ships and boats from docking at some French ports. The reason is that French fishermen are given very few fishing rights off the coast of Great Britain. In addition, a British fishing boat was detained in Le Havre, which was said to have been fished in French waters without a permit.

‘Unreasonable threats’

The French proposal to impose sanctions, angered the neighboring country. In an interview with Sky News, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss described the planned sanctions as “completely unreasonable threats”.

The French acted unfairly. The foreign secretary says this is inconsistent with the trade agreement, and refers to Britain’s agreement with the European Union that regulates trade after the withdrawal.

It threatens that Britain could retaliate with its own measures, within the framework of the trade agreement, if France goes ahead with its sanctions.

That is what we intend to do if the French do not retreat, says Liz Truss.

fruitless summit

During the G-20 summit in Rome last week, the leaders of the two countries, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, met for just over half an hour to discuss the issue of fisheries. However, they should not have come to a new agreement on hunting.

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Earlier, the British summoned the French ambassador to protest against France’s threats.