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Boris Johnson's ethical advisor ends - day

Boris Johnson’s ethical advisor ends – day

On Wednesday night, Christopher Keats announced his resignation. According to Prime Minister Johnson’s office, the decision came as a surprise.

The announcement comes just weeks after Johnson was criticized in a statement for creating a party culture in his office – strict restrictions apply to other people, TT writes.

Boris Johnson was put to the vote of no confidence in early June, but he survived and was allowed to continue. In his own Conservative party (Doris) 211 MPs voted for the prime minister, with 148 approving the no-confidence vote. If at least 180 Tory members had voted in favor of the censorship resolution, Boris Johnson would have been replaced as party leader and prime minister.

And the problem is cured

However, in the wake of the “partygate” scandal, Johnson recently came under fire for reading Bible words about truth and justice at Queen Elizabeth’s platinum anniversary. Many thought that Johnson took the truth too lightly in relation to “Partygate.”

But the British Prime Minister has other problems. He was severely criticized for his decision to send asylum seekers from Britain to Rwanda – in an open letter demanding that the government stop plans, including the Anglican Church. This decision will handle asylum procedures in Rwanda, while the UK will bear the cost. The details of the whole matter are nailed down in the Refugee Agreement between the two countries.

Canterbury Archbishop Justin Welby criticized the refugee agreement in an open letter to the Times, saying the decision was a disgrace to the nation.

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“Shame is ours, because our Christian tradition should encourage us to treat asylum seekers with compassion and justice, as we have done for centuries,” he wrote.

The flight was canceled

On Tuesday of this week, the first flight was to be completed. It was intended that 130 asylum seekers would be on board. But in the end, when the plane turned green for departure, there were only seven people on board. Then the European Court of Justice, ECHR, intervened and the plane was on the ground, TT-AP-AFP writes.

However, British Home Secretary Priti Patel, of the Conservative Party, says Britain has not given up on its decision to take asylum seekers to Rwanda. Plans are not abandoned, only delays.

“We will not be deterred by inevitable last-minute changes, or let the mob evictions stop,” Patel told the British Parliament on Wednesday.

“Jesus will support this plan”

Patel and Prime Minister Johnson may have had unexpected support for their biblical perspective on the refugee initiative. Calvin Robinson, an Anglican conservative political commentator, said in a television clip in the Independent newspaper that it surprised many that Jesus would “absolutely” support the plan to send refugees to Rwanda. Because, according to Robinson, it would prevent people from risking their lives trying to get to the UK.

He had the opportunity to start the Church of England (Anglican Church) because its leadership “cannot agree on the resurrection, cannot accept the virgin birth, they cannot accept what is needed for our salvation, but they say, ‘I fully agree with the issues of conservative government, Rwanda and climate.’ He said.

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