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Boris Johnson: 'I have never used these words'

Boris Johnson: ‘I have never used these words’

Last week, allegations surfaced that Boris Johnson used party money to pay for the renovation of his Downing Street home. On Wednesday, the country’s election commission announced an official investigation into suspected crimes.

Just an hour after the news came out, Boris Johnson took part in a hearing in Parliament where he was under heavy pressure from Labor leader Keir Starmer, among others.

– It’s weird that you focus on this. “I covered the costs out of my own pocket and fulfilled all existing requirements,” Johnson says.

Maybe influenced by donors

The doubts are that Johnson is only at a later stage paying the costs after first borrowing money via the Conservative Party. It is true that he may have been influenced by the donors.

You still complain about different backgrounds when I told you fifteen times that I paid for everything myself, Johnson says.

During the hearing, Boris Johnson also had to respond to the accusations leveled against him about a high-level statement.

Sources urge progress

This week, the British press, citing several independent sources, reported that the prime minister said at a meeting on new closures in October last year that he would rather pile up thousands of bodies than implement a third lockdown for the country.

The decisions we made in October were very bitter and difficult, and they could have been for any prime minister. Nobody wants to lock down the country with all the consequences of that, Johnson says.

ITV believes that at least two sources are willing to testify under oath regarding Johnson’s statement. During the session, Keir Starmer indicated to Johnson that the so-called Ministerial Act stipulates that all ministers who lie and mislead Parliament are expected to resign.

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President, I have never used these words! If he is to pursue such accusations, then concrete evidence must be presented, Johnson says. Who said that?