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Big confusion over flight layover from UK – Ryanair is selling tickets

Despite the flight ban, UK travelers were allowed ashore in Sweden yesterday, without the need for quarantine or tests.

Totally wrong according to the Prime Minister as well as the Border Police and the Swedish Transport Agency.

At the same time Ryanair is selling tickets for new planes from London to Skavsta this week – officials in Sweden are referring to each other.

when British Airways Yesterday, a passenger plane landed in Arlanda, despite the government’s flight ban and entry ban United kingdomSeveral authorities collapsed.

Britain’s Civil Aviation Administration and British Airways have heated their fish through the Swedish Transport Agency, among others – which it said had completely misunderstood the government’s temporary rules issued to reduce the risk of a growing spread of infection of the British mutant already discovered in Sweden.

Twenty-nine Swedish passengers were allowed into the country. No requirement for testing or quarantine has been issued by Stockholm Infection Control or the Public Health Agency.

Patrick Engstrom, Border Police, said they were all taken to bed.

– We do not understand how this could happen, he told Aftonbladet yesterday.

British Airways has now canceled all passenger flights to Sweden.

But the airline Ryanair continues to sell tickets for two flights from London to Skavsta, one on Tuesday at 17.40 and the other on Wednesday at 06.05.

Ryanair continues to sell tickets for two flights from London to Skavsta.

There is great confusion about who will deal with the passengers arriving yesterday as well as which passengers on the next flight. Yesterday, the border police referred it to Smittskyddet in Stockholm, which I thought might have decided to quarantine. Infection control states that it does not have the authority to decide on health checks for people from a particular geographic area. The Swedish Public Health Agency has stated that they can do nothing but urge travelers to get tested, and in return they refer to the regions and the Swedish Transport Agency. Regions refer to the Swedish Public Health and Infection Control Agency Stockholm

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Neither the Public Health Agency nor Stockholm Smittskydd has contacted all 29 who arrived. The responsibility lies with the travelers themselves, Hannah Vilnius, press secretary for the Stockholm region, told Aftonbladet yesterday.

Leuven: The authorities have to deal with it

During a press conference today, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven was asked how a London flight from British Airways could have landed in Arlanda.

– Because it’s a company that breaks the rules. I don’t know if they misread or misinterpreted it but there is no doubt about what this ruling means. In this case, the Swedish Transport Agency now has to deal with this matter towards this company because it is just an incorrect action by an airline, Stefan Lofven answers.

A British Airways plane lands in Arlanda on December 17. Photo gallery.

When asked if the plane will even land, the Prime Minister replied that it is the authorities that should deal with such a situation.

– But there is no doubt that he is not well, says Leuven.

But the Swedish Transport Agency, which was not aware of Ryanair’s new scheduled passenger flights, says no further action will be taken to halt the banned flights – even if “the flight ban applies to Ryanair as much as it does to British Airways”.

Regular passengers are not allowed to fly from the UK to Sweden. But we cannot issue a ban on ticket sales. In the event of flights taking off and landing in Sweden, we will act and communicate with the British aviation authorities. This has not yet been done, and we cannot take action against a rule violation that has not occurred, says Michael Anderson, Director of Press.

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Can hope to lift the no-fly

The Swedish Transport Agency clarified its instructions yesterday to avoid misunderstandings and contacted both British Airways and Ryanair.

Gunnar Ljungberg, director of marine navigation and aviation, later said they would contact Ryanair again to make sure the information was provided.

– I still don’t know why they can book. Several countries have lifted the flight ban, Ryanair may be waiting for the flight ban in Sweden as well, but that’s just speculation. We are convinced Ryanair knows what applies.

The temporary flight stop is valid until December 31. Aftonbladet searched for Ryanair.