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Annika Sjöö to mix Megapol's Morrongäng

Annika Sjöö to mix Megapol’s Morrongäng

The Morrong gang at Mix Megapol in Gothenburg has been broadcasting for over 25 years, with a steady but still constantly changing base. In December, Linda Ferribo chose to move on to new challenges after 20 years, and since then work has continued to find her replacement.

Ingemar Allén and Peter Sandholt are now joined in the studio by a cheerful Gothenburger with plenty of iron in the fire.

Anika Siu He is an Entrepreneur, Training Profile, Author, Host and Professional Dancer. She was in the final in let’s go dancing Three consecutive years, the last of which was a victory with the strongest man in the world, Magnus Samuelson. The following year, she continued her journey as a dance teacher when she trained the Crown Prince Victoria And Prince Daniel before their wedding waltz.

But now I will Anika Realizing the dream you’ve dreamed of for 13 years – being a part of it Morrong عصابة gang employment Mix Megabol.

I’ve listened to them for as long as I can remember, and have always loved the wonderful atmosphere of the programme. When I heard that Linda was quitting, I immediately called them and said I should get the job, Tells Anika Siu.

We invited Annika into the studio for some auditions, and it all worked out. She fits in perfectly with the gang, and we very much look forward to hanging out with Annika every morningAccording to the program announcer Ingmar Allen.

With no prior experience of being a radio presenter, she dances in the studio Engmar And run out On 1 March.

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