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Lots of movies when cinemas open in Europe

Lots of movies when cinemas open in Europe

French cinemas have been closed since October but will soon open their doors to visitors again so the abundance of French and foreign films is expected. Up to 400 films will be shown, resulting in independent distributors and cinemas coming together for a joint premiere plan.

Denmark also opened cinemas on Wednesday after being closed for five months. Even there, a film jam in the panel is to be expected.

In Sweden, Filmstaden has been closed since November but hopes to open at the end of May, if restrictions are eased on May 17.

Films that will be shown for the first time will have an audience.

As expected for June, there are about 25 premieres, which is more than usual, Helena Eklund, director of marketing at Filmstaden, tells Swedish Radio.

Movies Another Round, Tom and Jerry, Son, Fast and Furious and James Bond later in October are some of the movies that visitors to Swedish cinema will be able to watch. Movies that have previously had a streaming first show are not given priority.

– There is a lot of passion, it was noted in Spain and Lithuania, which opened last week, that there is an incredible passion for tickets. There is an audience, says Helena Eklund, so first-run films will have an audience as soon as possible.

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