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Being interviewed by Biden now is tragic

Being interviewed by Biden now is tragic

Joe Biden, who will turn 81 next month, is the oldest president in the history of the United States and his health has been a subject of debate in recent years.

Last week, host Bill Maher described Joe Biden as “the only Democrat who could lose to Trump.”

– What matters is that voters think Biden is old. Maher said what is important is that he will lose to Trump, who believes “someone has to convince Biden” that he should not run for re-election next year.

“It was just tragic.”

TV personality Sage Steele, formerly of ESPN, was a guest on Maher’s podcast this weekend. Steele said the president appeared confused when she interviewed Biden via satellite two years ago.

– Even then he couldn’t finish his sentences, and he struggled with it, Steele says.

During the interview, Biden began talking about his football memories from his school days.

-The only tragic thing is how he escaped. “I was good,” he said. Then there was silence, and then Steele said, “Oh, never mind.”

She admitted that she thought Biden was a “very bad president,” but the interview made her “sad.”

– Steele says the human side of what we are witnessing now is heartbreaking.

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