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The Riksdag says yes to the government budget

The Riksdag says yes to the government budget

Political savage Emine Kakapavi sat in the crucial vote when the Swedish parliament was due to vote on the revised spring budget. Without her vote, the distribution of seats was completely equal. Thus, the suspension of voting from Kakabaveh is likely to lead to a decision by lottery.

Kakapavi had called for assurances from the government regarding concessions to Turkey regarding NATO negotiations. The message she had previously given to the media was that the decision on how she would vote in Parliament was not uncertain.

“Maybe I will decide when to sit there,” she said at Morgonstudion SVT.

up to vote

When the vote was finally held, it was clear that the government’s budget proposal had won, although the result seemed difficult to explain to those unfamiliar with Parliament’s procedures.

173 people voted in favor of the commission’s proposal – the opposition’s budget proposal – while 174 voted no. Thus the reservation proposal, i.e., the budget proposal from the Government, MP, V and C, won.

Absent from the vote are two members, Maria Gardville (Member of Parliament) and Michael Oscarson (Kuwaiti Dinar).

Kristerson (man): Our suggestion would have been better

One of the results of today’s vote is that the guaranteed pension for low-income people has been increased by up to SEK 800 per month after tax from August.

Moderates leader Ulf Christerson confirmed after the vote that the opposition’s right-wing pension proposal was better.

– Our proposal gave more money to those who suffer the worst and protects the line of work so that all retirees who worked get a better pension.

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Do you think it is a shame that there is no tie?

– Don’t equal, you should never struggle for it. I think this was a rather poignant end to a term that was wholly unsustainable.

Whoever was happiest after the vote was the leader of V Corporation Nooshi Dadgostar.

We’re having the biggest guaranteed pension increase ever. She says, it has been a long time since I was so happy.

Budget voting – hour by hour