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Avian influenza spreads to new mammals such as humans

Avian influenza spreads to new mammals such as humans

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Previously, the fox was the mammal most affected by the bird flu virus. But the virus is now spreading and has infected dozens of other species.

Bird flu continues to spread to new species such as cats, tigers, seals, bears and humans. But even more worrying is the suspected infection among cows, which is now being investigated by US authorities.

As reported by Jakt & J├Ągare, the bird flu situation last season in Sweden was somewhat calmer than in previous years. Above all, it is the different species of geese that are affected.

The situation is worse

But internationally, the situation is worse, although outbreaks have declined, as infections have spread to new areas and are found in more and more species, including cats, tigers, seals, dolphins, sea elephants and bears, which Jacquet and Jaggar write about here.

As more species and animals become infected, the amount of virus and the risk of human contamination increase.

In the United States, the government was alerted to the discovery of bird flu in dairy cows in several states, and a man was infected in Texas. Quoted by Reuters news agency. It is now being investigated whether the infection is also transmitted between cows.

Mutated virus

The terrifying scenario is that the virus mutates and begins to spread between mammals, including humans.

Went last Wednesday European Food Safety Authority, EFSAand warned of a widespread bird flu pandemic with a virus to which humans have no immunity, as the driver.

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