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Pictures showing children's experience with the pandemic

Pictures showing children's experience with the pandemic

Although the virus was portrayed as evil, the children did not seem to feel any great fear.

– There was fear of the virus, but this fear was less about them getting sick. Where we have seen the biggest impact on children by far is the social consequences following relatively mild restrictions in Sweden, such as canceling leisure activities or not being allowed to meet up with family and friends.

“Children must be involved.”

The study's authors, including Sophia Geertsson, were able to draw several conclusions that could lead to important lessons for the future. Not only in potential health crises, but in other societal crises that may arise.

– What we've been able to see is that children have a surprisingly strong ability to see things beyond themselves – and that they actually understand a great deal of the world around them. We think it is important to note this and therefore children should be more involved in social issues like this. Targeted efforts are needed so that children feel involved, Sofia emphasizes and continues:

The pandemic was a crisis that we have now largely overcome. But we see how other crises arise, such as conflicts in our immediate region and natural disasters. It is important that children are included in issues and contexts that deal with this so that they feel included in things that actually affect them, as well as adults. Ultimately, it is the children who will grow up with the legacy we leave behind. Therefore, we feel it is important to not only do things for or for children, but also with children.

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Robin Viding