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Training for troubled hips – adults

Training for troubled hips – adults

Do you have hips that are messing with you? Maybe osteoporosis and pain? Try these exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding the hip, thus loosening and stabilizing them.

Sophia Ohman

published 2024-04-06

Start slowly and gradually increase the number of repetitions. Aim for 8-10 repetitions and then repeat 2-3 rounds if you feel comfortable.

Here's how to do the exercises:

Weight transfer: Stand with your legs apart. Bend the right leg and shift the center of gravity to the right. Switch to the left. Adjust the width between the feet so that it is just right for you. If balance is difficult, you can place your hands in front of you on the back of the chair. Exercises: legs and buttocks

Chair height: Sit on a chair and place one foot in front of the other at hip width. Stand up and then sit down again. Repeat with the other foot forward. Get help from armrests if you need it. Trains: legs, butt and balance

Lateral lift: Stand next to a chair or wall for balance. Lift one straight leg out to the side and hold for a second. Lower the leg again. Exercises: outer hip.

Sophia Ohman He is a senior training expert, a trained sports educator at Global Investment House, and has also trained as a personal trainer for senior bodies. And also known from television.

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