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Apple's new patent could change the iPhone

Apple’s new patent could change the iPhone

A recently approved patent shows that Apple has plans to include a camera behind the screen of its phones. In the long run, this can remove the immersion on the front of the iPhone.

Apple introduced one in 2019 patent application Titled “Electronic Screen Imaging Device Display”, which is now approved in the United States of America. The app describes a new technology that can enable the fingerprint reader and face recognition to work via a camera placed under the screen. This technology involves, among other things, reducing the pixel density of the screen directly above the camera to let in as much light as possible.

If the technology proves to work well enough, the immersion in the upper part of the screen, which today houses face recognition technology, can be reduced in size somewhat. Moreover, the app text mentions that the camera placed under the screen can be used for photography. We don’t know exactly how much image quality such a camera will provide at the moment.

The patent application was recently approved by the US Patent Office. In other countries, including Germany, Japan and China, the process is underway and the relevant authorities will make their own evaluation of the invention.

she has rumor That the immersion on the screen will be removed for the iPhone 14, which will arrive in 2022. But since large companies like Apple often patent technology that is not used then, it is difficult to predict the future. If you want to read more about the rumors before the iPhone 14, then collected by Ny Teknik over here.

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