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Prepare the defense to criticize the Pride campaign

Prepare the defense to criticize the Pride campaign

The picture shows four soldiers, three of whom are armed with automatic weapons. The fourth takes the lead with a rainbow flag in hand.

“A science worth defending. We defend human rights, the equal value of all, and our right to live as we choose,” the statement said.

The armed forces have always been involved in the Pride movement. Her campaigns usually elicit strong emotions, according to spokeswoman Therese Fagerstedt.

I didn’t get any reactions. But she says it’s Sunday today, so he will probably come tomorrow.

Then the campaign also begins on a larger scale on social media. The authority has additional staff to be able to moderate comments and questions.

Everyone has the right to express his opinion, as it is one of the pillars of democracy. We are determined to defend this right. Of course the armed forces should be reviewed and discussed as an authority, but we do not accept any personal violations against our employees.

She stressed that the campaign aims to clarify the position of the armed forces. Moreover, it emphasizes the value of the signal internally.

The armed forces are an employer where you are judged on your personal characteristics and circumstances, not stereotypes, says Fagerstedt.

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