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EA Games responded to the document in FUT and loot boxes

EA Games responded to the document in FUT and loot boxes

Fifa 21 internal documents have been leaked from game developer EA Games To CBC. They are said to be showing that players are intentionally directed toward spending money on “loot boxes” in Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT).

Players are actively notified and given transfer incentives over the summer, a source tells CBC.

The documents should clearly show that EA Games has the stated goal of getting its players to pay for in-game content – after purchasing the game itself.

Since 2018, the game developer has claimed that minute transactions cannot be equated, for example, with casino games. But in Belgium, among other places, they are becoming illegal and more countries are thinking of doing the same.

“Does not contradict it”

Some players have spent thousands and tens of thousands of dollars getting some soccer stars into their game.

EA Games now stands up for itself and says the reason they direct players towards FUT is because “Summer is so active for FUT players”.

– There is nothing in the leaked document to contradict it in any way, as it shows how we support commitment to our game during the summer period, not spending, as a spokesperson says IGN.

– We don’t pay people to spend in our games.

Moreover, they think the review is “exciting” by the media.

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