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Macbook Pro with touch screen may arrive in 2025

Macbook Pro with touch screen may arrive in 2025

The resistance to creating a portable touchscreen Macbook was great at Apple. Among other things, the developers considered the functionality already in place to be sufficient, and former CEO Steve Jobs himself set the agenda when he stated in 2010 that “touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical”, meaning that the surfaces on which they are used tire fingers. The arms if you have to hold the top up to the point.

But now comes the information that Apple may still be willing to take another step in development — beyond what it did with the now-vanished “touchbar” functionality, which was a kind of touch input, albeit landscape. Engineers at Apple, including Craig Federighi, have confirmed that they are working on prototype Macbook computers that have touchscreen functionality.

Possible touchscreen implementation could be paired with the new OLED panels, as well as an advanced design that could solve Steve Jobs’ concerns about tired wrists. For example, a flat Macbook Pro can be rotated to be used as a drawing tablet with a built-in display, and it can also practically replace other accessories such as pen surfaces for photo editing and design work.

By integrating into the standard software of the Macbook Pro, the computing power will also be available for advanced, heavy photo and video editing, something that can provide a functional all-in-one solution for creators with requirements for mobility and touch handling.

It’s still uncertain whether or not Apple will release a touchscreen computer, but many are suggesting that 2025 may be the earliest we might see it happen.

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