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Android's Nearby Share feature has been renamed to Quick Share

Android's Nearby Share feature has been renamed to Quick Share

Google's mobile operating system has had a function for several years that allows files to be easily sent wirelessly to other phones called Nearby Sharing. It also works with Chromebooks and now also with Windows.

The name comes from the need for phones to be close together, and the function can use several different network technologies for actual transmission: Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Web RTC, and direct-connected Wi-Fi. Internet connection is not necessary.

Now report WCCF technology It looks like Google is about to rename the function to Snabbdelning, or Quick Share in English. The upcoming change was discovered by Kamila Wojciechowska. in Supports On X, it shares screenshots showing a notification about the name change that it says appeared after Google Mobile Services updated to version 23.50.13.

The new name is accompanied by a new icon, and Google has also redesigned the feature's user interface, which now covers the entire screen and includes two sections: one for the user's own devices and the other for nearby devices.

An interesting detail in this context is that Android manufacturer Samsung has long had a feature called Quick Share which works in a similar way but only between Samsung phones and Windows PCs.

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