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Andreas Kramer fell into the Folksam GP

Andreas Kramer fell into the Folksam GP

Already ready for the Olympics in Tokyo, 800m superstar Andreas Kramer was hoping to leave a real message of what he looked like when the Folksam GP at Slottskogsvallen in Gothenburg was chosen tonight. But instead, it ended with a lap.

Already on the first lap, Kramer hit an opponent, lost his balance and fell inside. There the grass was slippery and slithered in a frightening way before landing on the carpet.

Clearly Kramer was pissed off afterwards – but he was able to get up and down for his own device.

– I guess I wasn’t hurt, says Andreas Kramer when SportExpressen meets him a few minutes later.

touches his thigh.

– I feel a little upset here, but I think it’s calm.

‘A really messy race’

What really happened?

– Honestly I don’t know. I had a good standing there at the edge, and then several runners came in and there was someone I found… somehow.

In the TV pictures, it looked as if it was Tony van Diepen from the Netherlands who made contact with Kramer.

– No, it wasn’t me. Kramer and I were both paid. It was a really messy race, says Van Dieben.

Andreas Kramer:

– I just applied for a position there, I don’t know what happened. Suddenly I was lying in the air and fell to the ground. It was boring. I recharged for this race a bit and was looking forward to the start of the competitions.

– It just feels boring, but … I’m not worried. Two months left until I’m fine.

Then the Olympics will be decided in Tokyo.

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How did it go in the race while Kramer was inside? Daniel Rudin of Great Britain took the win in 1:45.64. Johan Rogestet became the best Swede in fifth place with a time of 1:46.89.

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