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John Caro suspected of gross tax evasion

John Caro suspected of gross tax evasion

In Sweden, he is perhaps best known for quoting Zlatan Ibrahimovic “What he does with football I do with an orange”.

But Norway’s Jon Caro, 41, has also had a career that has included Valencia, Rome, Besiktas, Lyon and Aston Villa, among others.

Now, however, Karo has had issues with justice, according to the Norwegian newspaper الصحيفة Dagens Näringsliv. Caro was previously in a tax dispute over whether he should pay taxes in the UK or Norway, but now also suspected of gross tax evasion.

We confirm that we have launched an investigation based on a report from the Tax Department. We have good reason to suspect Caro of gross tax evasion, says Attorney General Marian Bender.

John Caro suspected of tax evasion

The Norwegian Environmental Authority Okocrem wrote in a press release that Karo is suspected of providing incorrect information in his tax information because he did not bring assets abroad. It is also suspected that he provided incorrect information about his income and assets in Norway.

We will now use the time needed to investigate whether or not there has been tax evasion, says Marian Bender.

Dagens Näringsliv He writes that the penalty for gross tax evasion can be a fine but also imprisonment for up to six years.

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